Happy New Year to all visitors and followers!

I’m having a break from posting this week. Instead, here’s a list of the top ten most visited posts since starting out in 2013 (I won’t share the stats to avoid embarrassment in the blogging world!):

1. I am a disposable academic

2. The global imperialism of English: impacts on science and knowledge

3. Where would Plato publish today?

4. Why journal impact factors are bad for science

5. Walking the line: the art of interdisciplinary research

6. A modest proposal: to rethink how and why cancer occurs

7. Curiosity, creativity, and aesthetics: The bridges between science and art

8. Essai sur le don: Altrusim in research

9. How to respond to reviewers’ comments

10. Should we guilt-trip the public?

I would love to have some more guest bloggers in 2014. If you have something to say related to research, science or academia in 500-1 000 words then get in touch!